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The Minnesota Job Bank 2014 – Find All the Jobs!

800+ Categorized Links to the Best Web Job Search Resources

Welcome to the Minnesota Job Bank Headquarters.  We’ve assembled the most complete single resource for your online Minnesota job search.  Our goal was to save you valuable time by creating a concise, quality site with all the relevant online links (over 800) to help you find your next job in Minnesota.minneapolis

In today’s job market, you need to do more that just use Monster every day.  There are tons of extremely helpful websites out there if you know where to look.  That’s where we come in.

Job searches are tough work and take time.  The good news is that the internet is an excellent means for conducting your job search.  Almost all of the available jobs make their way onto the web at some point and there’s also a wide variety of career information and resources available online.  The better news is that not only is the information out there, it’s probably out there for free if you know where to look.  The best news of all is that we’ve already done all the searching and sifting and have put this information in this easy-to-use online MN job bank targeted specifically at finding work in Minnesota.

We’ve organized the information in the Minnesota job bank as follows:

Job Search Engines The face of job searches today.  There are more and more of these sites being created every day.  There are also regionally-focused search engines to help you narrow your search, as well as niche’ websites that focus on particular industries, careers, or demographics.

Employer Websites The true hidden gem of job searching. These websites (once you find them) are the most current, accurate, and complete source of job postings available on the internet. The key to being successful using employer websites is finding them in the first place (here are the Minnesota Job Bank HQ we have the one of the largest Minnesota employer list on the web with over 700 listed).  Many people visit us for this feature alone!

Newspapers The traditional source for job postings.  Prior to the internet, job hunters frequently scanned with “Sunday Want Ads”. Times have changed and so have the newspapers.  Most are available online now and many have specific sections and tools for job searching. We’ve got the big and the small listed by the areas in Minnesota they cover.

Staffing Agencies There are many organizations that exist to help people find work. The term “Employment Agency” can describe a wide variety of these services, from fee-based headhunters, to government-sponsored employment aid.

Social Networking Traditional networking has also changed because of the internet. Where networking used to mean connecting with a small group of friends, neighbors, or ex-coworkers to find opportunities, the internet allows your “group” to be much wider and more diverse.

Government Sites, Career Centers, and Libraries  There are many government websites available with a ton of free information.  This includes federal, state, and local governments – many of them have created websites focused on assisting job seekers find work.  Additionally, many colleges and universities have online career centers with free information.  Libraries are also an excellent source of free information.  Almost all now have online catalogs and online reference collections available.  Your tax dollars are work here – use them!

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